all the leaves are brown & the sky is grey…

 …i went for a walk on a winters day & it was wonderful to see low winter sunshine through the grasses & seed heads, such a joy after so much rain. there was a misty moist start to the day – giving everything the look of a miniature diorama – exactly what we’d been hoping for – time to slow down, time to stop, look & listen & time to wrap up warm in your winter woolies!

& at this time of year knitwear is the main focus of my studio production – & studio wear, as keeping warm in this old building can be a real challenge!

i do get asked about the best way to care for woollen garments & for washing instructions for my products so following on from the top tip about conker collecting to use as a moth deterrent, back in october i started thinking about knitwear care as a theme for top tip no.2!

wool doesn’t really need a lot of washing, & will wear better for longer without it! pilling caused by normal wear can’t be removed by washing & should really be removed by hand – but gently! realising that is dull advice i have to own up & admit that my personal take on this has been to think, is life long enough & so, occasionally, i use an electric pill remover – in an emergency!

washing wool i recommend a mild liquid detergent specifically for wool & delicate fibres. i always wash by hand in warm water, using a gentle submerge & release action – definitely no need for stretching and pulling & absolutely no wringing! & avoid soaking wool as it can cause shrinkage & – perversely – aggravate pilling!

rinse through thoroughly with clean water until the water stays clear.

excess water can be absorbed by rolling your woollen garment in a towel then dry flat, away from direct heat – & reshape while damp if necessary.

when dry, wrap up warm & treat yourself to that wintery walk – & maybe join me in collecting a few more treasures for a nature table flat lay?