all the likes for lovely autumn days – with all the seed pod treasures & a seasonal colour palette on display. i just can’t resist collecting all the little botanical details & taking them home with me, it’s a habit not restricted to autumn – i do enjoy a good forage, but there’s a nearby horse chestnut tree that is positively magnetic at this time of year – & there’s a very good reason for conker collecting in particular;

conkers contain a chemical – triterpenoid – & as the nut dries out it emits this natural moth repellent. tuck a few dry conkers away in with your woolies & protect your favourite knits from moth invasions!

incidentally i don’t like moths – more than that, & silly as it sounds, i’m frightened of them. sitting at my desk on a bright autumn morning makes me think this is rather irrational but should one put in an appearance i’d be out of here like a shot!

& it is an actual phobia – fear of moths is called Mottephobia – so obviously not just me!

[& good news for arachnophobe’s – spiders don’t like conkers either!]

so if you’re out & about this weekend forage a few conkers put them to good use – not only are they lovely to look at they’ll protect your wooliness from scary monster marauding moths!