…& my to do list will start growing longer every day!

an interesting observation as this is in complete contrast to our garden where growth is slowing down, seed heads are ripening & i can’t help but start collecting things to dry, keep & use in the studio.

if you have ever visited my space in Manchester Craft & Design Centre you will already know that growing & gardening are really important to me – from inspiration to decoration, & incorporating into products.

these little snippets of information about ourselves just become part of our stories, often providing an opening into a conversation with a complete stranger. when somebody walks into my studio for the first time quite often it’s one of these incidental details that trigger just such a conversation, when you click & connect on all these different levels – it’s a special thing!

so, back to the list – of course it is growing now, like a weed – because i am in my ‘seriously, time to focus on the ‘c’ word’*, phase & each year there are new product ideas, new dreams & schemes & themes & new colours to work with & encourage into my winter collection of ongoing perennial favourites!

this year i’m very keen to include more burnt orange after last winters hat success! i’ve trialled neck warmers over the ‘summer’ & so far it’s earned a big tick!

incidentally i’m fascinated with colour names, burnt orange – officially named in 1915, is a medium to dark orange colour that, to me, is reminiscent of autumn leaves, burning embers & pumpkins! it’s is a warm colour that partners well with all the darker, moodier, winter coat colour palette we all seem to gravitate towards as the weather gets colder!

i really hope it’s going to click & connect with you too!

*c word = christmas with a lower case ‘c’ – we’ll save the capitals for later!